On Wednesday, January 25th at 8:40pm, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a 911 call in reference to a 29 year old female that had overdosed on suspected heroin at a residence located at 788 Germany Road. Pike County Deputies along with Station #1, Medic #3, and Medic #8 responded. Sixteen minutes later, the Deputy arrived and initiated CPR to the unconscious female until the female began breathing again and the medics arrived. The medics then administered Naloxone “which is used in the reversal of acute narcotic analgesic respiratory depression” where the victim regained consciousness and was transported to Adena Pike Medical Center in Waverly. The victim was treated, stabilized, and subsequently released from the hospital.

At 10:59 pm, the Pike  County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a 911 call from 110 1st St. Beaver (Cranberry Meadows Apartments) Apt. #10 in reference to an 18 year old male and a 20 year old female who had possibly overdosed and were unconscious. Pike County Deputies along with Station #1, Medic #3 and Medic #8 responded. Twelve minutes later, Deputies entered apartment # 10 where the male and female were located in an upstairs bathroom. At that time, Deputies reported that the female had a heartbeat and shallow breathing and the male was unresponsive. The deputies then began CPR on the male until Medics arrived on scene. Medics then administered Naloxone on both the male and female. The female was stabilized and rushed to Adena Pike Hospital in Waverly where she was treated, stabilized and transported to Riverside Hospital in Columbus where she is in the Intensive Care Unit.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader was contacted and responded to the scene along with Investigative Units with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office and Pike County Coroner David Kessler. The male identified as 18 year old Anthony Austin Meadows of Beaver, Ohio was pronounced dead on the scene by Pike County Coroner David Kessler. Coroner Kessler and Pike County Deputies completed the death notifications to the next of kin.

An intense investigation spanning nearly 24 hours was initiated by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Unit and Major Crimes Task Force. During the course of the investigation, information was obtained that linked all three overdoses to the same residence in Pike County where the alleged heroin was being used and/or sold at 148 Meadow Run Rd. in Beaver, Ohio.

At 6:35 a.m., January 26th deputies conducted a follow up investigation at 788 Germany Rd. where they located and arrested Shawn Harris of Bridge Street, Waverly on multiple warrants for his arrest from Pike County (False Information), Jackson County (Receiving Stolen Property), and Adult Parole Authority (Parole Violation). Harris is a person of interest in the investigation as well.

A search warrant was prepared by the Investigators and signed by the Common Pleas Court Judge of Pike County for the residence of Loretta K. Martin of 148 Meadow Run Rd. in Beaver, Ohio. At 11:39 am, deputies arrived and executed the search warrant on the residence. Loretta K. Martin has been charged with two counts of Endangering Children (Felony of the Third Degree), two counts of Corrupting another with Drugs (Felony of the Second Degree), and two counts of Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs (Felony of the Third Degree), and transported to the Southeastern Regional Jail.

The Investigation is ongoing and will be presented to the next term of Pike County Grand Jury. Major Tracy Evans, the case lead investigator will also seen an additional charge of involuntary manslaughter 2903.05 A (Felony of the First Degree) No person shall cause the death of another as a proximate result of the offenders committing or attempting to commit a felony, due to the overdose death of 18 year old Anthony Austin Meadows.

At 8:20 pm on Thursday January 26th deputies located Nick Osborne of 239 Cordle Rd. Beaver, Ohio at an adjacent property of 19 Zimmerman Lane and took him into custody. Osborne had been sought since the overdoses occurred late evening on the 25th. He is a person of interest in the investigation at this time. Osborne’s 1995 maroon in color Ford Ranger was removed from the property and transported to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office Impound where it will be  secured until the investigation is complete. Anyone with any information about this case or any other criminal activity in Pike County is urged to report it to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 947-2111.

Deputies are still actively working the investigation 



The Pike County Sheriff’s Office along with the Waverly Police Department, the Piketon Police Department, adjacent county Sheriff’s Office’s, the US 23 Major Crimes Task Force, the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and many other Local, State, and Federal agencies have joined together to educate and declare war on drugs in Ohio. 

There has been an influx of Heroin and other illegal substances coming into Ohio that are laced with “DEADLY” (Carfentanil or Carfentanyl) “Elephant Tranquilizer”