What Is It?

· Our Senior RUOK program provides a daily reassurance phone call to senior or medically-related homebound residents of Pike County, who are not in daily contact with relatives, friends or neighbors, and checks on their well-being.

How Can RUOK Help Me?

· Provides a daily check up phone call and a system for follow up emergency assistance.
· Allows you to feel secure while remaining independent in your home.
· Reassures your family members that you are being checked on daily and that someone will be called if needed.

How Does RUOK Work?

· Once registered, you get a daily, computer generated phone call at a pre-set time.
· If you answer the phone, the computer is signaled that everything is all right.  If you feel you need assistance, don’t pick up the phone.
· This will generate an alarm, and begin the emergency notification plan.  If you don’t answer the phone, the computerized system will notify our emergency system.
· We will attempt to make contact with you.
· If no contact is made, we then call the Emergency Contact Person you have designated.
· If they cannot be contacted, we will send a Deputy Sheriff to go to your residence to ascertain your well-being.

How Much Does it Cost?

· This service is free to senior residents of Pike County.
· The Senior RUOK program is made possible through your Sheriff’s Office.

Do I Need To Buy Special Equipment?

· No.  This system will work off of any phone.

How Can I Help RUOK Spread the Word?

· Tell a loved one, a neighbor or a friend about this program.  It may save their life.

How do I sign up?

.To register a new subscriber simply click the link below to download the application.  If you have trouble or need assistance please contact the Pike County Sheriff’s Office at (740)947-2111

Please click here to download the form

This file is in the PDF format. If you have trouble viewing the file please download Adobe PDF Reader